Wayne Ross

I came to New Zealand to live in 1982, from Australia. I am a self taught national and internationally known artisan wood carver and fitter-welder by trade and have 12 years experience in working with New Zealand native woods. My speciality being Ancient New Zealand Swamp Kauri. Facination with wood from an early age has turned into a lifetime love.

I have had a number of successful exhibitions throughout New Zealand, which has resulted in a number of my art pieces finding their way to private collections throughout the world.

My work has evolved from my travels throughout the country of New Zealand, where I enjoy the beauty of the wilderness in out-of-the-way places, where most of my pieces are found.

“Tane Mahuta”

New Zealand’s oldest living tree
(a seedling at the birth of Christ)

My love for the bush and deep respect for the environment, coincides with my artistic feelings to demonstrate my design philosophy where I am constantly seeking uniqueness and simplicity to produce my artwork.

With environment in mind I have never destroyed a living tree to fulfil my artistic ambitions.

Some of my inspirations come from mans earliest cultures, such as the celts, the vikings, the incas, the Australian aborigonal and NZ Maori who all have the unmistakable finger prints of nature in their arts.

Working with natural edges which are natures expressions, I am happy to work alongside nature as she is the true artist. The nature of the gift of this medium is at times very humbling.

“Dock and Bowl”

Commissioned Work