Digging Up The Past

All was well in the forests of the Waikato, until some 5000 years ago when an earthquake or major volcanic eruption felled this Kauri kingdom. These once giants of trees came to rest in the peat of the Waikato and have remained preserved, for thousands of years...

...until recently

Near Huntly in the Waikato (North Island, NZ) they were reawakened from their long lie in, to see the daylight of their future.

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Some of the stumps, fresh from their earthly slumbers. 
As you can see, some of the bigger ones need milling on site. 
Those that can be shifted, are loaded on to trucks for removal to Wayne’s storage yard. 
Stumps lined up at the yard, ready for covering, so they can be left to dry out. 
These stumps, though dated at 4000-5000 years, lie above vast coal reserves used by a nearby power plant, who retrieve the coal from depths of up to 500-700 feet, the miners occasionally find whole trees, which fall apart when excavated and it’s not unusual for pieces of kauri gum (petrified sap) to be found deep in the coal beds, which suggests that the kauri has been growing on this site for more than 40 million years.